Basic research teams

Liryc is an ambitious scientific program bringing together teams with national and international complementary expertise and innovative state-of-the-art equipment.

The IHU project is based on the reputation and scientific and medical excellence of the director and the clinical team, as well as the quality of the proposed objectives and work. Since the launch of the project, the orientation of basic research is defined by the issues raised daily in clinical activity, with the very practical purpose of responding to these needs.

A multidisciplinary approach

The institute is based on a multidisciplinary approach, combining the fields of cardiac physiology, high-resolution mapping, cardiac imaging, signal processing and cardiac modeling. The institute is organized into six inter-institutional and multidisciplinary basic research teams : cellular electrophysiology & molecular biology, atrial & ventricular fibrillationheart failure & cardiac metabolismimagingmodeling and signal processing.

Olivier BernusScientific Director - Professor - Team Leader
Fabien BretteResearcher - Team Leader
Pierre Dos SantosProfessor - Clinician - Team Leader
Philippe DiolezResearch Scientist
Bruno QuessonResearch Director - Team Leader
Rémi DuboisDirector of Innovation - Associate Professor - Team Leader
Edward VigmondResearcher - Team Leader
Edward WhiteVisiting Professor
Ruben CoronelVisiting Professor
Igor EfimovVisiting Professor
Mark PotseVisiting Professor
Jacques HenryEmeritus Research Director
Yves CoudièreProfessor
Sébastien ChaigneEngineer
Gilles Bru-MercierPost-doctoral Researcher
Sabine CharronEngineer
Charly BeltermanLaboratory Technician
Julie MagatMRI Engineer
Loic CadourEngineer
Mathilde MerleEngineer
Florent CollotSoftware Engineer
Jérôme NaulinEngineer
Sylvain CaubetLogistic and mechanical Engineer
Stéphane PuyoResearch Engineer
Nejib ZemzemiResearcher
Mehdi JuhoorResearcher
Marion ConstantinEngineer Assistant
Richard WaltonPost-Doctoral Researcher
Line PourtauPost-Doctoral Researcher
David BenoistPost-doctoral Researcher
Carolina Carlos-SampedranoPost-doctoral Researcher
Lisa Amalie GottliebPhD Student
Philippe PasdoisPost-Doctoral Researcher
Fanny VaillantPost-Doctoral Researcher
Valéry OzennePost-Doctoral Researcher
Marianna MeoPost-Doctoral Researcher
Laura BearPost-Doctoral Researcher
Gwladys RavonPost-Doctoral Researcher
Jason BayerResearcher
Michal KaniaPost-Doctoral Researcher
Juan Francisco Gomez GarciaPost-Doctoral Researcher
Namit GaurPost-Doctoral Researcher
Marine MartinezPhD Student
Virginie LoyerEngineer assistant
Emma AbellTechnician
Virginie DubesPhD Student
Pierre BourPhD Student
Josselin DuchateauPhD Student
Corentin DalletPhD Student
Andjela DavidovicResearch engineer
Antoine GérardPhD Student
Alice RecaldePost-Doctoral Researcher
Audrey SémontPhD Student
Matthieu DouardPhD Student


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