Our facilities

Collaboration & flexibility

The design of the custom-built IHU facilities reflects project objectives, with an emphasis on collaboration and flexibility, thanks to the close proximity of the support space and the laboratories.


Liryc gathers on a single platform all the laboratories, imaging equipment and modeling teams. It was essential to allow developments and subsequent reconfiguration of the building, and thus have a real tool perfectly adapted to evoluting research projects in the Institute.


The architects have proposed a project of 3 distinct entities both from a structural and spatial point of view to respond best to this concept of scalability essential to research teams:

  • A host entity, education, government developing on two levels;
  • A strictly tertiary entity for researchers developing on four levels;
  • A technical entity composed of imaging and lab developing on two levels with a set of oversize so local techniques to consider any type of use.


A physical link between the building of  PTIB  (Technology Platform Biomedical Innovation), where our researchers were based since 2011, was designed to allow the IHU to ensure a strong proximity between research teams favoring exchanges and communication.


This building was designed by "D.A architectes", who have already designed other projects in the field of research, health and teaching. They used their proven expertise to create an optimal collaborative space. This firm worked in partnership with the representative group LEON GROSSE builders and the project management was entrusted to Bordeaux University Hospital.

Technological platform for experimental research

It includes optical mapping facilities and multi-electrode assays for experimental models, a unique visual guided ablation system (Voyage ®), optical coherence tomography, mass spectometry, animal and cell videomicroscopy, experimentation rooms, cell sorting and flow cytometry, confocal and electron microscopy, in addition to the existing transversal platform of the Technological Plateform for Biomedical Innovation.

Technological platform for clinical research

It offers 3 fully equipped laboratories for cardiac mapping angiographic and hemodynamic explorations, magnetic catheter telenavigation, multiple ablation tools, and 2 unique technologies for the study of cardiac electrophysiology ; a probe capable of recording multiple monophasic action potentials to investigate refractoriness and conduction properties, and a multilead ECG mapping system capable of reconstructing epicardial electrograms from the chest surface.

Imaging platform

Liryc has some state-of-the-art equipment such as :  a very high magnetic field MRI (9.4 T) allowing ex vivo acquisition and 3D data processing with high resolution, close to histology; several clinical and experimental MRI (1.5 Tesla) allowing simultaneous analysis of cardiac structure and electrical signals, a multimodal platform (a hybrid X-ray/ MRI room) MUSIC Equipex, which enables integrated analysis of the mechanism responsible for arrhythmia in the aim of defining personalized therapeutic solutions.

Computer sciences platform

Liryc is developing in collaboration with Inria (Inventors for the digital world) new models and methods to simulate electrical and mechanical cardiac activity, from cell level to the individual to better understand the electromechanical coupling.

Virtual hearts are constructed using individuals’ clinical to develop high performance computing algorithms that solve several million equations using supercomputers. A major challenge is to ensure that the simulations are reliable and accessible to the medical community so that they can then be integrated into practice.


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