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Informations coronavirus

Since the first days of this unprecedented epidemic, Liryc's researchers and clinicians have been committed to providing the best possible support for the collective fight against Covid-19, while continuing their research to cure and prevent heart rhythm diseases.


To that end, the Liryc institute has been able to:

  • Implement the recommended policies to protect the institute’s staff and allow the continuation of its activity teleworking
  • Provide to the medical teams of the Bordeaux University Hospital, the relevant equipment to treat patients affected by Covid-19 and to mobilize clinician-researchers
  • Suggest a protocol to infectiologists and intensive care professionals for the prevention of cardiac risks associated with the admission of trial treatments, as well as the opening of a counter email address for the interpretation of ECGs documents and clinical files of patients within the Bordeaux University Hospital


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Take care and stay home!

Cardiology recommendations

Liryc's cardiologists have collaborated with the French Society of Cardiology to elaborate cardiological recommendations for healthcare professionals to prevent arrhythmias or alterations in cardiac function caused by the treatments used in COVID-19.


The objective :

  • Support the health professionals in the benefit/risk ratio evaluation during the initiation of the different therapies.
  • Minimize the possible risks of arrhythmias.


Find the complete note here.


CARDIAC-COVID-19 projects

Liryc's researchers and clinicians are setting up, in their areas of expertise in cardiology, several clinical studies, research and innovation projects to improve the understanding of potential cardiac complications and therefore the treatment of coronavirus.


These projects have the following objectives:

  • to measure the impact of COVID-19 on the heart muscle
  • to ensure electrocardiographic monitoring of COVID-19 patients undergoing antiviral therapy
  • to develop simplified tools for healthcare professionals to facilitate the cardiac function's monitoring of patients under care: new low-cost portable electrocardiography systems for large-scale deployment
  • to prevent acute or longer-term rhythm disorders associated with the virus's cardiac risks.


Focus on the COVERAGE study: an ambulatory, in-home trial


Liryc's and Bordeaux University Hospital's clinicians are involved in the study for rhythmic monitoring of COVID patients both in the hospital and in the city.

In this context, they are participating in the COVERAGE study, led by Prof. Malvy, which is evaluating different treatments for COVID, including hydroxychloroquine, in nearly 1,000 patients at risk of medical complications from the disease. These patients are being cared for at home by ambulatory teams and cardiological monitoring is carried out remotely using simplified ECGs performed by the patient, via an easy-to-use tool, and teletransmitted to the team's cardiologists.

This trial, approved by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines, benefits from the engagement of Bordeaux University Hospital, Inserm, the University of Bordeaux and the Collège national de Généralistes Enseignants, and is supported by the City of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Métropole.


Support CARDIAC-COVID-19 projects

Given the urgency of this unprecedented pandemic, it is essential to assess the coronavirus's impact on the heart muscle, as more than one million people are currently affected worldwide.


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