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Key Areas of Focus

Liryc – the Electrophysiology and Heart Modeling Institute - is wholly dedicated to heart rhythm disorders and committed to 4 roles: 

  • research to better understand the mechanisms underlying the disorders;
  • innovation to develop and invent the therapies of the future;
  • patient care to continue to improve patient management and save lives;
  • training and education to spread the practices widely among professionals internationally. 
Research : understanding

For more than twenty years, Liryc’s doctors and researchers have been working on understanding the mechanisms of arrhythmias and the causes of cardiac mortality. Their effort has taken on a whole new dimension with the creation of IHU Liryc in 2012.


They are studying:

Liryc's researchers and doctors are behind major scientific breakthroughs in the fields of atrial and ventricular fibrillation and cardiac resynchronization therapy which have resulted in new therapeutic strategies implemented worldwide.

Liryc’s uniqueness lies in bringing very diverse and complementary multidisciplinary scientific expertise together with world-class clinical teams in one place, with the ultimate objective of providing better care. The Liryc teams are nowadays making their mark on the international scientific stage by publishing many articles and research projects and also by being leading contributors at major international conferences.


Each team of researchers is at the boundary of clinical research to improve therapeutic solutions.


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Innovation : developing

With its multidisciplinary expertise and unique technology platforms, Liryc is inventing the diagnostic tools, medical devices and therapies of the future.

Liryc aims to transfer the knowledge gained from understanding arrhythmias and cardiac desynchronizations to develop new technologies which will be available to clinicians to improve patient care. Liryc has filed patents in partnership with local, national and international actors, for new devices, like the development of , new catheters, new diagnostic tools, minimally invasive defibrillators, etc.


It also intends to utilise its technological and scientific infrastructure to address clinical issues and to optimise current technology and its use through partnerships. For this reason, Liryc is working with fifteen industries to invent the patient care of the future in electrophysiology. The Institute is also helping to launch start-ups in the field of innovative patient care, by providing an environment conducive to accelerating the implementation of ideas into tools.


Liryc's platforms can be made available to conduct research projects as part of the provision of services, with or without the teams of researchers.


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Patient Care : treating

The expertise of the medical and paramedical teams is applied within a perfectly integrated organisation at the Haut-Lévêque Cardiology Hospital site, a part of the CHU de Bordeaux hospital authority. This brings together the skills of all specialties related to heart diseases.

Patient management at the Haut-Lévêque Cardiology Hospital has the highest number of procedures on cardiac electrical tissue (>~1000 ablation/year) and of pacemaker and defibrillator implantations (>~800/year) in France. All this is performed in conjunction with basic and clinical research in the interests of constant medical innovation.

Liryc offers innovative care for the management of heart diseases, which each year brings in patients from around the world, who are keen to benefit from the medical teams’ highly specialised expertise.


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Education and training : communicating

Liryc also aims to spread the knowledge gained through the Institute’s research to enable optimal patient management in more healthcare centres worldwide.

To do this, researchers provide Liryc with training for French and international doctors throughout the year, some of which is delivered in partnership with the medical device industry.


In addition to continuing professional development, Liryc is also involved in university education with its founding partner, the University of Bordeaux, in the fields of cardiac electrophysiology and engineering applied to cardiology and cardiac imaging, such as Summer Schools.


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