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Bioenergy and cardiac metabolism

From energy instability to electrical instability

The team focuses in priority on the study of heart failure, working at the molecular and protein level of cells.


The alteration of the heart's mechanical function leads to heart failure, characterized by electrical instability development. This instability leads to the development of arrhythmias, which can sometimes be fatal.

Using nuclear magnetic resonance or epicardial fluorescence imaging, researchers have determined a link between the triggers of these arrhythmias and energy instability at the cellular level.

Researchers are studying the role of metabolic pathways, i.e. chemical reactions taking place in the heart cell, the role of these reactions in the maintenance of arrhythmias, and the role of oxidative stress in the aging of muscle tissue. These approaches are combined in order to understand the molecular origin of the energy instability that characterizes heart failure.


Pierre Dos Santos
Teaching Director - Professor - Clinician - Team Leader
Emma Abell
Guido Caluori
Post Doctoral Researcher
Philippe Diolez
Philippe Pasdois
Fanny Vaillant