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Cellular electrophysiology and molecular biology

Cellular electrophysiology and molecular biology : from the electrocardiogram to the cell

The team is exploring the mechanisms of rhythm and electrical conduction disorders at cellular and molecular level.

It is primarily focused on ventricular and atrial fibrillation.

The heart's electrical activity involves a myriad of sequentially “excited” cells. It is a complex process: many ion channels, pumps and exchangers are activated at cellular membrane level to generate and transmit the electrical signal which then triggers the contraction.

Researchers from this team are also studying the effect of adrenaline on the Purkinje cells and fibres involved in arrhythmia.

Fabien Brette
Research Associate – Team leader
Stanley Nattel
Visiting Professor
Sébastien Chaigne
Sabine Guitoger Charron
Matthieu Douard
PhD Student
Thomas Hof
Postdoctoral Researcher
Alice Recalde
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Edward White
Visiting Professor