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Tissue electrophysiology and arrythmias

Electrical tornadoes in the human heart

The team has made major discoveries in understanding the different types of cardiac fibrillation and their mechanisms at the whole-heart level.


Their work focuses on studying the mechanism of "electric tornadoes" and Purkinje's tissue. In the context of sudden cardiac death, key triggers for these rhythmic tornadoes have been identified by the Institute's researchers in Purkinje tissue. The team is evaluating the respective role of this Purkinje network and the heterogeneity of ventricular cells in the maintenance of arrhythmias. Researchers have also identified the electrophysiological and structural arrhythmogenic properties in ventricular fibrillation in asymptomatic patients.

The team is now also working on the human heart, as part of the Cadence research program, made possible by organ donation. Cardiac fibrillations have thus been studied at the human level. 


Olivier Bernus
Scientific Director - Professor - Team Leader
David Benoist
Marion Constantin
Research engineer
Virginie Dubes
Rokhaya Faye
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Bastien Guillot
PhD Student
Kanchan Kulkarni
Post Doctoral Researcher
Marine Martinez
PhD Student
Cindy Michel
PhD Student
Néstor Pallares-Lupon
PhD Student
Girish Ramlugun
Post Doctoral Researcher
Estelle Renard
PhD Student
Carolina Carlos-Sampedrano
Élodie Surget
PhD Student
Richard Walton