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Multi-modality platform for specific imaging in cardiology 


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MUSIC (Multi-modality Platform for Specific Imaging in Cardiology) is a proprietary application developed by the Liryc IHU and the Asclepios Inria team, and based on medInria open-source software. The aim is to offer a large spectrum of functionalities and processing pipelines dedicated to cardiology. 


Tools and multi-modality: segmentation, visualization, filters, histograms, data reformating, registration and mesh processing tools are provided in MUSIC and allow the community to use a user-friendly common framework for more efficiency.


Multiple imaging modalities are handled: MDCT, MRI, PET, VTK meshes. In addition, the models generated by MUSIC can be exported to clinical 3D electroanatomical mapping systems used by cardiologists during procedures on electrical disorders (ablation by catheter).


Treatment improvement: MUSIC offers imaging algorithms for diagnosis and prognosis, pipelines dedicated to the guidance of atrial or ventricular interventions through imaging. Thus, MUSIC has been used to guide scar-related ventricular tachycardia (VT) ablation in over 300 consecutive procedures in our center. In addition, thanks to a multicentral network, our team is setting up an international registry of structural cardiac pathologies including imagery and electro-physiology data.


A bonus for Research: MUSIC is a software platform allowing the analysis, in one environment, of multi-parametric data sets from the IHU teams (structural, mechanic, hemodynamic, electrical, etc), and to interface with simulation platforms such as SOFA, CEPS, CARP in order to develop patient-specific modelisation/simulation strategies.


Consortium: an international consortium of experienced VT centers has been built, with over 20 international hospitals in 2017. Participating centers upload and anonymise their data on a web-portal. Our operators process the data and send results to the centers. Thus, cardiologists all around the world use this technology every day during their procedures to visualize catheters in real-time inside a virtual
patient-specific heart created in Bordeaux.


Our team: the MUSIC project has been pursued by a multidisciplinary team involving physicians, researchers, software developers, and medical imaging operators.


 This work received support from the French Government managed by the National Research Agency (ANR) under the program "Investissements d'avenir" with the reference "ANR-11-EQPX-0030."



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