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1ère européenne - implantation de prothèses biodégradables

Congratulations to the team of the pediatric and congenital cardiology department of the Bordeaux University Hospital, attached to the Liryc Institute, for the first implantation in France of a biodegradable cardiac prosthesis.

Unlike conventional prostheses, most often made of nickel and titanium, this reSept prosthesis contains no metallic elements and half of its components are biodegradable. "With time and healing, the components of the prosthesis will be digested by the body, and the patient will eventually carry very little foreign body in his body. Dr. Zakaria Jalal, interventional cardiologist at the Bordeaux University Hospital

A great first in France that makes the Liryc/CHU Bordeaux team proud. "We are always working to try to offer the best devices for our patients, so we are very happy to be able to operate with this device today," says interventional cardiologist Zakaria Jalal.

"A first step towards the medicine of tomorrow with a prosthesis material adapted to the organism, biological, therefore more resistant to infections, inflammations, which will be able to evolve and grow with the patient" Pr Jean-Benoit Thambo, head of the pediatric and congenital cardiology department

Published on 09 April 2022