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Charity month : your support

The Liryc Institute, launched its first edition of the charity month with the goal is to raise public awareness of heart rhythm diseases ... it is a mission largely accomplished!     

  • Facebook currently has 405 subscribers, 17,760 video views, and 35,245 people affected by the publications.     
  • Twitter has 358 subscribers and has registered 673 profile hits during this charity month!    
  •  LinkedIn is 332 subscribers to the page, 107 reactions and 41 shares of publications ...     
  • It is also 2 conferences, 1 radio interview and 1 tv report at the JT of France 3 Aquitaine.     
  • Finally, it is 4145 € which were raised.

Many thanks to all for your support and participation.

Continue to support Liryc, "to save hearts, open yours!" ->


Published on 02 July 2019