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open-house public conference

Liryc's researchers and clinicians will meet you at 6:00 pm for the open-house public conference.
Each year, athletes are struck by sudden cardiac death while playing their sport. It is often perceived as baffling because it affects people who are often young and in excellent health.

At the program of the conference :

- Opening by Jean Galfione, Olympic champion (pole vault Atlanta, 1996)
Questions Answers session with Jean Galfione and Dr KRZENTOWSKI, MGEN's sports specialist and medical adviser. They will talk about the physical and cardiac training of top athletes, as well as the benefits of sport.

- Sudden Death and heart rhythm diseases, what are you talking about? Intervention by Frédéric Sacher
What are heart rhythm diseases? What is really going on in the heart?
Professor Frédéric Sacher, cardiologist electrophysiologist at Liryc, will also address the major issues today to reduce the spread of these diseases.

- Disminishing the impact of heart rhythm diseases: at what stadge is the research? Intervention by Professor Olivier Bernus
Professor Olivier Bernus, scientific director of the institute, will speak about major research projects set up to advance prevention and diagnosis, around concrete examples.

Published on 28 September 2019