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Juin, le MOI(s) de la Générosité

The Liryc Foundation, Electrophysiology and Heart Modelling Institute, organises in June its first Charity Month.

During this month dedicated to generosity, our main goal is to raise awareness about heart rhythm diseases and to gather everyone to take on the challenge.

The Liryc Foundation is calling the general public to help fighting back to make heart rhythm diseases in order to improve patients lives and to save lives!

Cardiovascular diseases are is the 1st cause of death in the world. In order to make it decrease, the teams of clinicians and researchers of the Liryc institute are working every day to prevent and treat heart rhythm diseases. Many improvements are still necessary to enhance detection, diagnosis, prognosis or treatment of these arrhythmias.

Our Charity Month will also be the opportunity to focus on the women and the men who are today’s medical research:  teams of caregivers, researchers, donors, sponsors but also patients.

Support the Liryc Foundation and make a donation to participate in creating tomorrow’s treatment.

Open you heart to save hearts!

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Published on 24 May 2019