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IHU's spin-off Certis awarded !

For its 21st edition, i-LAB 2019, the national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies, organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Bpifrance has awarded CERTIS THERAPEUTICS, the future spin-off start-up of Liryc.


Supported by SATT Aquitaine as part of a maturing program and also by Unitec, the project wins the "2019 i-Lab Grand Prix". It will led to the creation of CERTIS THERAPEUTICS by the end of 2019.

The CERTIS THERAPEUTICS start-up project, led by Stéphane Chemouny and Bruno Quesson from the Liryc's imaging team, consists in developing pioneering solutions for thermotherapy. The ambition : to guide in real time the clinician's gesture and allow him to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. The technologies will be allow to visualize in real time the effects of the MRI interventions thanks to a rapid acquisition and treatment of the images obtained, to guide the procedure of ablation. It will also predict the therapeutic effects in the clinical fields of cardiology, oncology or neurology.


Published on 07 July 2019