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Labellisation ERN pour le Centre de référence des maladies rythmique héréditaire

The Reference Center for Hereditary Rhythmic Diseases has received the ERN - European Reference Network label in recognition of the excellence of its medical organization.

ERNs are virtual networks that use a customized computer platform and telemedicine tools to review patient cases. Wherever possible, they ensure that information flows to provide the best possible care without the inconvenience of patient travel. The first 24 ERNs were launched in 2017 and involve more than 900 highly specialized healthcare units from more than 300 hospitals in 26 member states.

The Hereditary Rhythmic Diseases Reference Center has joined the cardiology-specific one, which includes 17 centers. "This is really good news for the center and the patient because it will allow us to go further, to better understand the diseases with new tools and to better manage our patients." Maider Piquet, rare disease project manager


Published on 07 February 2022