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Launch of the Master 2 Cardiac EP Electromechanical Heart Diseases

Today, it's back to school time for the international Master 2 students who have signed up for the "Cardiac EP Electromechanical Heart Diseases". 

The program of this 1st edition: 

  • Energy fonction & electrophysiology of the heart 
  • Physiopathological & pathological aspects of electromechanical heart diseases 
  • Biomedical engineering: signals, imaging & cardiac devices 
  • Therapeutics & medical devices for the treatment of electromechanical heart diseases
  • Knowledge & economy innovation - strategic intelligence & competitive intelligence

A highly innovative teaching approach that integrates theory and practice, with cross-disciplinary project-based teaching, to train high-level multidisciplinary specialists in the field of electrophysiology and cardiac bioengineering. 

Published on 04 October 2021