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“Reducing EP Catheters environmentaL IMpAct for The PlanEt” - CLIMATE

The healthcare sector causes significant environmental damage while improving human wellbeing, using important resources and generating large amounts of waste. Improving sustainability in healthcare is challenging and complex because the high demand in terms of performance and safety for patients encourages the increasing culture of single-use medical devices.

The transition will have to happen without compromising high quality healthcare while controlling infection risks and complying with increasingly strict regulations for medical devices. Sustainability efforts, on the other hand, may translate into new opportunities with new paradigms for medical innovation, rethinking medical procedures and business models.

EHRA and Liryc institute wish to contribute with the EP community to the global effort in their field and to explore these sustainability challenges and opportunities in Electrophysiology where high technology, invasive, single-use devices are required in high volume procedures. 

This survey aims to collect data about the current practices, perspectives, and expectations in EP centers in Europe regarding sustainability.

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Published on 05 November 2021