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Result of the call for proposals launched by the ANR

For its 2021 generic call for projects, the research projects of Julie Magat and Aurélien Bustin, engineer and researcher members of the Liryc imaging team, have been selected for funding by the French National Research Agency.

Julie Magat's project, selected as a collaborative research project (CRP), deals with the 3D characterization of the cardiac electrical network by inhomogeneous magnetization transfer MRI (ihMT MRI).

The project of the researcher Aurélien Bustin focuses on Black-blood magnetic resonance imaging and automated AI-based segmentation for highly detailed characterization of myocardial scar. It is selected as an individual research project for young researchers (JCJC).

The ANR funding will provide access to better tools for the advancement of these excellent scientific projects.

Published on 22 July 2021