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About Pulsed Electric Field ablation

New therapeutic approaches to treat atrial fibrillation are being implemented by Liryc’s physicians to improve the outcome and safety of atrial fibrillation surgery.


Pulsed Electric Field ablation, a non-thermal energy, is among the most promising approaches.
It is a catheter endocardial ablation technique that uses high voltage electrical micro-shocks to open pores at the nanoscale in cell membranes.
Pulsed Electric Fields ablation creates specific lesions in the myocardial tissue, which is particularly sensitive to this energy, without risk of lesion in neighboring organs.

Two multicenter clinical studies are evaluating and validating this technique in atrial fibrillation. Liryc collaborates with the Californian industrialist Farapulse for the validation of the technique.

Here is a video interview of Professor Jaïs on the subject:



Published on 28 January 2020