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Executive committee

Role of the executive commitee

Professor Michel Haïssaguerre, the Director of Liryc, is supported in his duties by two Deputy Directors: Professor Pierre Jaïs and Dr Mélèze Hocini, as well as permanent members of the Executive Team.

This team makes up the Executive Committee which is responsible for the preparation and effective implementation of programmes and operations in the Institute. Its role is to examine the programme of activities, budget, partnership projects, contracts and donations earmarked for IHU Liryc, as well as any other matter necessary for the Institute’s smooth running. 

Michel Haissaguerre
Director - Professor - Chief of cardiology - electrophysiology and pacing department
Mélèze Hocini
Deputy Director - Associate Professor - Clinician
Pierre Jais
Deputy Director - Professor - Clinician
Olivier Bernus
Scientific Director - Professor - Team Leader
Vincent Bitker
Director of fundraising
Pierre Bordachar
Teaching Director - Professor - Clinician
Julie Boussuge-Rozé
Executive Director
Rémi Dubois
Director of Innovation - Associate Professor - Team Leader
Roger Marthan
Professor - Clinician
Hervé Normand
Financial and Administrative Manager