Market transfer

Create & develop new therapies

Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise and unique technology platforms, Liryc invents diagnostic tools, medical devices and future therapies.


In close collaboration with academic and industrial research teams around the world, researchers of Liryc work daily to improve the effectiveness and safety of cardiac electrophysiology procedures for the benefit of patients.


The main objectives are to develop new technologies for:

  • diagnosis, through the development of non-invasive mapping devices and new catheters,
  • prognosis, through the development of new imaging and modeling techniques ,
  • therapies, through the development of new sources of energy and novel therapeutic target catheters for ablation or instruments necessary for cardiac interventions under MRI. 
Market transfer

Liryc aims to transfer knowledge gained in the understanding of arrhythmia and cardiac dyssynchrony in order to develop new technologies for clinicians to use in improving patient care.


It also aims to capitalize on its technological and scientific infrastructure so that it can answer clinical questions by performing concept validation and also optimize the use of existing technologies.


The technological platforms of the institute were designed to enable faster transfer of results from research to the clinical domain, such as the Equipex MUSIC platform (hybrid X-ray and MRI room) where all developments carried out as part of experimental research are directly transferred to the clinical research program, to patient care and to the new and promising therapeutic training.


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