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Creation and hosting of start-ups

As part of its innovation policy, Liryc hosts and supports the creation of start-ups originating from its teams’ research projects.

With its state-of-the-art technology platforms, its research and clinical teams and its scientific credibility, the Institute provides a unique environment conducive to accelerating the implementation of ideas and new innovations for the benefit of patients.

Two start-ups have been established and are hosted to date and many other projects are ongoing


The start-up, which was founded in July 2017, is developing modelling and 3D virtual heart localization technology to enable more effective and safer cardiac procedures.

Like a “Google map” of cardiac procedures for rhythm disorders, inHeart helps clinicians to plan and guide. In procedures that are performed without opening up the thorax, this technology helps guide the instruments inside the heart in order to burn areas that cause abnormal electrical activity.

Jean-Marc Peyrat, CEO & co-founder, was immediately “impressed by the project, whose technology was developed to meet a clearly identified clinical need”, and so joined the founding team to lead the start-up project, alongside Professor Pierre Jaïs, Dr Hubert Cochet and Dr Maxime Sermesant.

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OP2 Drugs

Founded in 2015, the biotech start-up, OP2 Drugs (“OP2”), identifies and develops innovative drugs in cardiology and neurology. OP2 was developed by Philippe Diolez’s team of researchers (including Philippe Pasdois and Dominique Detaille). It relies on various partnerships, including IHU Liryc, which it has signed an exclusive licence with, to test the efficacy of a drug against myocardial infarction, which is responsible for more than 1,200,000 deaths per year in Europe and the United States.

OP2 aims to commercialise this first patented product for applications in the field of cardioprotection: the drug is of significant benefit in curbing the self-destruction of heart cells during myocardial infarction. 

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STARTUP - Certis Therapeutics

Created in November 2019, Certis therapeutics designs innovative solutions for the treatment of cardiac pathologies, cancers and neurological disorders. These solutions combine software components, including advanced image processing modules, with thermal ablation devices. CERTIS Therapeutics is a winner of the 2019 i-lab national innovation grand prize, also the 2020 Medical Imaging Innovation Award. Its management team is composed of Stéphane Chemouny, PhD, CEO and founder and Bruno Quesson, PhD, founder.

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