Patient care

“Doctor-researcher-patient” organization integrated into University Hospital of Bordeaux

The expertise of Liryc’s medical and paramedical teams is practiced within a perfectly integrated organization at the Haut-Lévêque Cardiological Hospital, University Hospital of Bordeaux. No patient is directly cared for in the Liryc research building, which does not prevent the creation of favourable conditions to go even further and faster in a “doctor-researcher-patient” organization.

Daily clinical observation inspires the research and innovation program to analyse the causes and mechanisms of diseases and to encourage the discovery of new diagnostics and new treatments.

To make an appointment with the clinical teams:

Telephone reception – first appointment: +33 5 57 65 69 69

Affiliated medical teams closely linked to Liryc

Clinical services provide essential expertise for the diagnosis and care of patients with heart rhythm disorders. They represent both the starting point and the culmination of research.

The expertise of the medical and paramedical teams ensures all stages of patient care:

  • A shared consultation platform, in close connection with non-invasive exploration centres (ultrasound, electrocardiography, cardiac stress tests, Holter monitor, etc.)
  • A reception service for cardiological emergencies and a cardiological intensive care unit.
  • An interventional cardiology technical platform in Haut-Lévêque (seven hemodynamic and electrophysiology rooms), as well as an invasive exploration area in Saint-André.
  • Surgical and cardiothoracic operating theatres, which co-exist with intensive care and continuous monitoring units.

Cardiology-Electrophysiology and Cardiac Stimulation Department

Head of Department: Prof. Michel Haïssaguerre

Structure of the department entirely attached to Liryc teams:

  • Electrophysiology – Head of Unit: Dr. Nicolas Derval
  • Cardiac pacing and defibrillation – Head of Unit: Prof. Pierre Bordachar
  • Hereditary Heart Rhythm Disorder Reference Centre (Cmary) – Head of Unit: Prof. Frédéric Sacher

Medical and Surgical Department for Valvular Heart Disease and Cardiomyopathies – Adult Cardiac Surgery – Adult Structural Interventional Cardiology

Head of Department: Prof. Louis Labrousse

Structure of the department:

  • Cardiac surgery – Head of Unit: Prof. Louis Labrousse
  • Cardiac surgery operating room and adult structural interventional cardiology – Head of Unit: Dr. Lionel Leroux
  • Adult and paediatric congenital surgery – Head of Unit: Prof. François Roubertie
  • Competence centre for hypertrophic cardiomyopathies – Head of Unit: Prof. Patricia Réant

Congenital Cardiovascular Diseases Department

Head of Department: Prof. Jean-Benoit Thambo

Structure of the department:

  • Congenital heart disease in adults – Head of Unit: Dr. Xavier Iriat
  • Congenital heart disease in children and adolescents – Head of Unit: Prof. Jean-Benoit Thambo
  • Complex Congenital Heart Defects Reference Centre (M3C) – Head of Unit: Prof. Jean-Benoit Thambo

Heart failure treatment department

Head of Unit: Prof. Pierre Domingues-Dos-Santos

*(interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery unit)

Données 2021 du service d’électrophysiologie cardiaque du CHU de Bordeaux, rattaché à l’IHU Liryc.

Healthcare professionals attached to Liryc