Arrhythmia & thermo-ablation

Arrhythmia & thermo-ablation

Scientific and technological developments in the field of cardiac electrophysiology keep increasing for the benefit of patients. Simple arrhythmia can now be treated with catheter ablation with a success rate of 99%. This technique is constantly changing, especially due to better localization of ablation zones and a significant decrease in radiofrequency duration.


Many current projects aim to identify a larger number of individuals at risk of sudden death so that they can benefit from adequate treatment such as implantable defibrillators, antiarrhythmic drugs and ablation of the foci triggering devastating outbreaks of this arrhythmia.

Michel HaissaguerreDirector - Professor - Chief of cardiology - electrophysiology and pacing department
Pierre JaisDeputy Director - Professor
Mélèze HociniDeputy Director - Associate Professor
Frédéric SacherClinician
Nicolas DervalClinician
Arnaud DenisClinician
Nicolas KlotzClinician
Ghassen ChenitiResearcher


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