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Cardiac Imaging


The imaging research team focuses on the characterization of cardiac arrhythmia substrates and conduction disorders responsible for dyssynchronous heart failure. A key challenge is the integration of multimodal imaging to guide cardiac pacing and ablation and achieving the developments needed to carry out interventional procedures in the MRI environment (e.g. ablation, pacing etc.).


In the clinical domain, Liryc benefits from the Equipex MUSIC platform, unique multimodal cardiac imaging facilities located in the radiology department of the Bordeaux University Hospital, combining a 1.5 Tesla MRI system (Siemens) and an electrophysiology lab equipped with state-of-the-art catheter localization systems (Mediguide System, St Jude Medical). These facilities ensure bench to bedside transfer, as well as providing pre-clinical research with scientific and technological challenges inspired by clinical practice.

Hubert Cochet
Associate Professor
Jean-Yves Wielandts