Patient care

Cardiothoracic department

The cardio-thoracic department combines skills of all specialties related to cardiac and pulmonary pathologies affecting children and adults at two sites: Haut-Lévêque and Saint-André. It has a total capacity of 425 beds (including 22 day-admission places).


The expertise of medical and paramedical teams of the department is applied within a perfectly integrated organization, ensuring all patient care stages are effectively carried out:

  • a consultation platform mutualized with non-invasive exploration centers (Echo, ECG, Stress test, Holter…)
  • an emergency department and cardiac intensive care unit
  • a technical platform of interventional cardiology at Haut-Lévêque (6 hemodynamic and electrophysiology rooms) and an invasive exploration sector at Saint-André
  • two cardiac and thoracic surgical rooms coexisting alongside intensive care and monitoring units 
Department of cardiology - cardiac electrophysiology

The Bordeaux University Hospital’s cardiac electrophysiology service has the highest activity rate in France for cardiac electrical tissue interventions (approximately 1000) and pacemaker and defibrillator implantations (approximately 800).


Patients from all over France, Europe and worldwide are treated here.  

Medical advice

To request an appointment in the cardiology-cardiac electrophysiology department, please contact the office on +33 5 57 65 64 71. 


You can also send your medical records to the address below or contact us via the form below. Please detail your medical history and include as far as possible your previous medical reports, ECGs and any other information you consider relevant.

Hôpital Cardiologique du Haut Lévêque
Service du Professeur Michel Haissaguerre

Objet : Demande d’avis médical
Avenue de Magellan
33604 Pessac, France


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