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Modeling Cluster

Together with INRIA, the team is developing new digital models for the modelling and simulation of the heart's electrical and mechanical activity.

The work of these experts in mathematics and computer science helps to understand rhythm disorder mechanisms better. They analyse unpublished clinical data in silico (via computer models), visualise and design personalised therapies using predictive models.

Virtual personalised hearts are built using clinical data and high-performance computing algorithms to solve several million equations on supercomputers. 

The Modelling team's projects aim to make simulations reliable and accessible to the medical community and to integrate them into clinical practice :

  • Solving the inverse problem (rebuilding electrical activity on the surface of the heart thanks to the ones recorded on the surface of the chest)
  • The simulation of radiofrequency catheter ablation to guide live procedures from personalised virtual heart models to improve procedure success rates,
  • Model building for resynchronisation,
  • Allow painless cardiac defibrillation (electric shock) : Modelling of the wave (delivered) generated during defibrillation to lower the pain threshold.
Edward Vigmond
Researcher - Team Leader
Yves Coudière
Mostafa Bendhamane
Lecturer - Researcher
Michael Leguebe
Peter Langfield
Mark Potse
Lisl Weynans
Lecturer - Researcher
Nejib Zemzemi
Mohamadou Malal Diallo
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Andony Arrieula
PhD Student
Oumayma Bouhamama
PhD Student
Syed Hassaan Bukhari
PhD Student
Zeina Chehade
PhD Student
Narimane Gassa
PhD Student
Niami Nasr
PhD Student
Valentin Pannetier
PhD Student
Jason Bayer
Vladimir Sobota