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Molecular biology platform

The molecular biology platform carries out gene and protein expression studies for scientific projects in a variety of cells and tissues. Our equipment allows us to perform cDNA chips (Microarrays), PCR, quantitative PCR (PCRq) and Western Blot. Over 300 pairs of oligonucleotides for PCRq are listed in our database.

The platform is organized in 3 rooms: a laboratory for sample preparation, a room for protein handling and another one with most of the equipment.

Referents : Sabine Charron & Marion Constantin – 05 35 38 19 66 –

Rental: Some equipment are available for hire or for academic or industrial collaboration.

For more informations on services or rates, you can contact the platform's referents by phone or send a request to




Hybridization Furnace

ADNc Chip scanner

PCR's Thermocyclers

Q-PCR Device

96-well plate OD reader

Chemidoc Imager