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Technical imaging platform

The imaging research platform is equipped with several high-end facilities : two MRI scanners (1.5Tesla) and two X-ray angiography rooms for research purposes; a very high magnetic field MRI (9.4Tesla) and an X-ray microscanner for high-resolution 3D data acquisition and processing; servers and computers for data visualization and analysis; an ultrasound scanner for cardiac exploration; as well as a surgical operating room.

Referent : Julie Magat & Géraldine Cassiat Morisset – 05 35 38 19 57 –

Rental: Some equipments are available for hire or for academic or industrial collaboration.

For more informations on services or rates, you can contact the platform's referents by phone or send a request to


9.4T MRI

XR angiography room (Catheterization)

1.5T MRI

XR MicroScanner



XR angiography room (PTIB)

SIMRIC Catheterization simulation