Bio-energy & cardiac metabolism

From energy instability to electrical instability

Alteration of the myocardium’s mechanical function leads to heart failure, which is also characterized by the development of electrical instability, favoring the appearance of potentially fatal arrhythmia. Arrhythmogenic sources can be the consequence of energy instability that we can measure by nuclear magnetic resonance or epicardial fluorescence imaging.


The heart failure and cardiac metabolism team studies the role of metabolic pathways involved in the synthesis of certain amino acids, the role of mitochondrial calcium overload in the maintenance of arrhythmia, and the role of oxidative stress in the aging of muscle tissue (impaired mitochondrial transporters and ion channels). These approaches are combined to understand the molecular origin of energy instability characterizing heart failure.

Pierre Dos SantosProfessor - Clinician - Team Leader
Philippe DiolezResearch Scientist
Philippe PasdoisPost-Doctoral Researcher
Fanny VaillantPost-Doctoral Researcher
Emma AbellTechnician
Audrey SémontPhD Student


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