From the intimacy of heart tissue to personalized therapies

Structural myocardium abnormalities are a decisive factor in arrhythmia and desynchronization. Structural characterization is made possible with the state-of-the-art equipment available in the imaging team.


A very high magnetic field MRI (9.4 T) allowing ex vivo acquisition and 3D data processing with high resolution, close to histology at around 25 microns (m). This equipment, extremely rare in cardiology, enables us to penetrate within the cardiac tissues to identify particularly fine structures and characterize cardiac lesions.


Several clinical and experimental MRI (1.5 T) are also available for patients for whom cardiac structure is analyzed simultaneously with electrical signals. These tools enable the development and evaluation of new cardiac stimulation concepts, or to perform proof of concept studies on contactless stimulation by MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound, synchronized on the heartbeat. It’s also on this machine that rapid acquisition sequences have been implemented for cardiac thermometry by MRI. In clinical practice, tissue temperature information would improve efficacy as well as safety of radiofrequency ablation.


MUSIC Equipex is a multimodal platform for cardiac imaging. Imaging, calculators, non-invasive mapping systems, body-surface potential mapping and other techniques make up this unique in Europe structure, for a multiparametric exploration of the heart. This multimodal platform enables integrated analysis of the mechanism responsible for arrhythmia in the aim of defining personalized therapeutic solutions. 

Bruno QuessonResearch Director - Team Leader
Hubert CochetAssociate Professor
Julie MagatMRI Engineer
Loic CadourEngineer
Mathilde MerleEngineer
Florent CollotSoftware Engineer
Valéry OzennePost-Doctoral Researcher
Jérôme NaulinEngineer
Pierre BourPhD Student


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