The virtual heart

The modeling team, in collaboration with Inria (inventors for the digital world), is developing new models and methods to simulate electrical and mechanical cardiac activity, from cell level to the individual. The aim of these models is to improve the understanding and treatment of electrical heart diseases using the highly informative electrical signals available in clinical practice.


The team constructs virtual hearts using individuals’ clinical data to simulate and better understand cardiac electrical dysfunctions, in order to guide and optimize personalized therapy. These simulations are based on the development of high performance computing algorithms that solve several million equations using supercomputers.To achieve these objectives we need to bring together the disciplines of physiology, pathophysiology and medicine. A major challenge is to ensure that the simulations are reliable and accessible to the medical community so that they can then be integrated into practice.

Edward VigmondResearcher - Team Leader
Yves CoudièreProfessor
Mark PotseVisiting Professor
Jacques HenryEmeritus Research Director
Nejib ZemzemiResearcher
Jason BayerResearcher
Michal KaniaPost-Doctoral Researcher
Juan Francisco Gomez GarciaPost-Doctoral Researcher
Namit GaurPost-Doctoral Researcher
Mehdi JuhoorResearcher
Andjela DavidovicResearch engineer
Antoine GérardPhD Student


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