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Continuing professional development

Liryc is a unique platform with state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to studying heart arrhythmias.

The Institute provides a programme of innovative training including the virtual reality simulation programmes developed by Liryc’s researchers and doctors.

The continuing professional development given at Liryc provides participants with theoretical sessions on the basics, but also practical applications of the techniques. These sessions include intensive case studies, simulations, workshops with animal models and direct demonstrations.

To support the increase in education and training activities, the Institute is rolling out new innovative tools and equipment:

  • training on a pedagogic simulator like SIMRIC (Mechanically Realistic Pedagogical Simulator for Cardiac Interventions [SImulateur pédagogique Mécaniquement Réaliste pour les Interventions Cardiaque]),
  • digital training and the digital “cardiocases” library developed by IHU cardiologists in partnership with Stimuprat.

For more information about our diploma courses, Laure Dangles answers your questions here


In the health crisis context linked to the spread of COVID-19 and in accordance with the recommendations of the University of Bordeaux, the IHU Liryc has decided to postpone the three Summer Schools planned for this year until 2021. Further information on dates and registration processes will be communicated at a later date.



Remotely learning course - ECG Interpretation

From April to June 2020, Liryc offers a free daily and remotely learning course, based on the interpretation of a surface ECG trace. The 30 to 45-minute classes, accessible on Zoom every day, are given by Prof. Bordachar, Prof. Strik and Prof. Sacristan, and are intended for medical students preparing for IECNs.


These courses are organised in partnership with Stimuprat.



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Participate on

Cardiac Electrophysiology Summer School

This training program will welcome 30 medical students and more experienced researchers wishing to improve their background knowledge, and provide intensive courses combining theoretical and practical sessions. It's a unique opportunity for participants to meet world leading experts and to learn about state-of-the-art techniques. Lecturers include leading clinicians and researchers from different areas of cardiac electrophysiology.



"This summer school is fantastic to better understand how experimental and clinical connect.” Summer School participant from the 2019 program


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Summer School Maladies Cardiaques Congénitales

This 30-seat program is open to international science and medical students, engineers and experienced researchers wishing to improve their background knowledge thanks to intensive courses combining theoretical and practical sessions. This summer school consists of intensive practical classes about the technological aspects of CHD transcatheter interventions, from innovative concepts to clinical practice, including all aspects of device development. 


It's a unique opportunity for participants to meet world leading experts in transcatheter interventions, imaging and biomaterials. They will also discover and use cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
It will bring together the professionals designing, manufacturing, implanting and evaluating the cardiac devices of tomorrow.


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Summer School Gadgetron

Gadgetron is an open-source magnetic resonance image reconstruction framework providing state of-the-art image processing tools and algorithms. “Gadgetron” is a key tool for prototyping advanced reconstruction methods as well as for conducting large-scale clinical studies for magnetic resonance imaging. 


This 52-seat program is open to international students, engineers and experienced researchers wishing to improve understand the basics of the Gadgetron framework and the latest Gadgetron functionalities. This summer school consists of theoretical sessions and practical sessions of coding and MRI scanning.



This is a unique opportunity for participants to gain in-depth understanding of the Gadgetron framework and will present its multiple applications, from prototyping to clinical routines.



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