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Training in new technologies and therapies

Liryc’s mission is to disseminate knowledge gained from our research and to enable optimal patient care in the highest number of centers around the world. Using the Liryc’s infrastructure, our researchers deliver training for French and international doctors throughout the year -a number of which are carried out in partnership with the medical device industry.


These courses address issues both in pathologies and innovative medical devices for treatment, from theory to practice. Liryc is a training center equipped with virtual reality simulators dedicated to the training of cardiologists on complex intervention procedures. More than 150 health professionals are hosted each year for various training courses within the institute.


I spent my postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Haïssaguerre’s team in Bordeaux. It was a brilliant opportunity to be involved in cutting edge research in cardiac arrhythmias. The institute provides a unique platform that blends clinical studies, translational science and animal studies with the latest technology. This was an invaluable scientific experience personally and a fantastic cultural experience for the family."

Han Lim, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Austin Health, Australia



" The Electrophysiology team in Bordeaux have led the world in catheter-based the treatment of arrhythmia for two decades. To train in Bordeaux meant learning from those who have shaped the entire field of arrhythmia management, from pulmonary vein isolation, to ablation of ventricular arrhythmia substrate, and inherited conditions such as early repolarisation syndrome. I found the LIRYC to be an exciting and dynamic institute, full of young scientists able to pursue their ideas and projects with passion. Being a Fellow in the LIRYC was an absolute privilege, and allowed me to pursue commercialisation of an ablation control unit."

 Darren Hooks, PhD, MBChB, FRACP,  Electrophysiology Cardiologist, Wellington Hospital, New Zealand
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If you are a medical professional  and would like to visit the Institute and/or the electrophysiology laboratories you can send us your request via the form below.