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Marc Strik



Marc Oliver Strik

Hospital Clinician
Liryc - Bordeaux University Hospital – University of Bordeaux




Cardiologist at Bordeaux University specialized in Cardiac Implantable Electronical Devices, trained at Maastricht University Medical Centre, skilled in cardiovascular implantable electric device troubleshooting and biomedical programming. He required a PhD at the Physiology Department at Maastricht University on 'Electrical Substrate for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy'. He developed extensive three-dimensional mapping systems in animal models under guidance of Prof. Dr. Prinzen and Prof. Dr. Auricchio. He obtained research grants from the Dutch Heart Foundation and Netherlands Heart Institute which allowed him to perform a post-doc fellowship at the Service de Cardiologie-Electrophysiologie et Stimulation Cardiaque at Bordeaux University under supervision of Prof. Dr. Bordachar and Prof. Dr. Haïssaguerre. At Bordeaux University, he investigated a novel non-invasive three-dimensional electrical mapping system in dyssynchronous heart failure patients, performed multiple telemonitoring studies on pacemaker/ICD algorithms, co-wrote multiple ECG and pacemaker/ICD books in three languages and aided in production of >50 instructional videos on pacemaker/ICD programming. Resuming his cardiology training at Maastricht University Medical Center he conducted clinical studies on the electrophysiological effects of haloperidol and on remote monitoring of implantable cardioverter defibrillators connecting the Maastricht and Bordeaux hospitals.  After completing his training in February 2020, he started working as an electrophysiologist at Haut Lévèque Cardiology Hospital, Bordeaux University with a permanent position. Here he continues to specialize in remote medicine, education and clinical research. He also discovered his passion for connected devices. He performed a clinical study investigating diagnostic accuracy the Apple Watch ECG in 300 patients. The first results are published in the world renowned medical journal, Circulation. He also co-wrote the world’s first book on Apple Watch ECGs named Learn how to read an ECG based on smartwatch recordings: clinical cases from the Apple Watch. While he greatly enjoys working in France, he finds it challenging as the salary is very low, the system is archaic and bureaucratic and the French language is ever demanding. Since he is born in Tunesia and has visited Dubai multiple times since his brother lives there, he is now ready and looking forward for a Middle Eastern adventure.



  • the Dutch Society of Physiology awarded him the Young Physiologist Award three times
  • he founded, an online learning portal which is now part of the curriculum and is currently used by hundreds of medical students at Maastricht University
  • he founded, an online learning portal about electrocardiogrammes in French
  • he founded, an online learning portal in English about pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy
  • his cardiology cases are appreciated on social media where he has over 4000 followers
  • he won the silver medal at the EHRA 2019 “device interrogation open”
  • with 38 peer reviewed publications and over 30 presentations at international conferences, he developed a good base to becoming an established clinical investigator


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